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About Us

My name is Jake.

I am the owner and head coach here at Crusader Strength.

Coaching has always been my passion and through my years of experience, strength training has come to the forefront. I want to make the world a better place to lift, and what better place to start then being able to coach people how to move properly and how to enhance their training.

I want to share my coaching with you! it's as simple as that - There is so much jargon and useless information surrounding training and i'm making it my duty of care to cut through all the noise and give you whats going to work, for you!

I have an undergraduate degree in B.Sc. Joint honours Physical Education & Sports Coaching Science as well a valid CF-L1 Trainer certificate. Over the past 2 years and in the years to come, I shall be expecting to gain UKSCA Accreditation.

I have over 6 years of coaching experience and in that time, have had the benefit of working with such a variety of different people from International, elite level professionals to people with life-threatening ailments as well as everyone in between.

My Personal Story

What introduced me to the iron? In my former life (teenage years) I was a National level cyclist and loved what I did - only issue? I was 5"11 and weighed around 55kg, go figure. Soon enough I was crippled with injury that lead me to stop competing. (FYI now floating around 86-88kg at 6"0)

So what did I do? I discovered that if add some structure to my frail body, injuries may actually subside and eureka, it worked! Funny that. And heres the even better part - it made me a better endurance athlete.

What about now? I no longer compete in endurance events and my focus has shifted to strength. I aim to be monstrously strong, move well and do so for a long-long time.

I want to work with you! My passion lies within the iron and I can help you achieve some remarkable feats. See our programs and details regarding private coaching for more.

Yours in strength,