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Crusader Strength

6 Week - Fundamental Strength Program


If you are ready to enter the world of smart and successful strength training, then this is the program for you. Welcome to Crusader Strength, your new home for strength training.

This program exists to jump-start your strength training goals as well as to provide structure and guidance. You will now have everything you need to walk into the gym, have a training program originating from scientific and proven training methods that will allow you to dramatically increase your strength, increase muscle mass and provide you with the knowledge of what smart strength training requires.

This program is the perfect addition to your current training regime or indeed as a stand-alone program.

What is the program, who is it for and how long is it?  The program will build a solid foundation of all the fundamental movements used within strength training. It is for anyone looking to enter the world of strength training and there is no better place to start. The program lasts for 6 weeks with the intention of sourcing another program once completed.

How is it laid out? – The program is laid out with 3 phases over the 6 weeks, each building upon the last to accumulate the foundations to building a stronger body.

How long is each session? - Each session is expected to last around 60 minutes 

How does the week look? - A tried and tested 3-day split to obtain brute foundational strength

What equipment is used? – Simplicity is key and the program has been designed so that any gym should be able to stock the equipment used. Light resistance bands make an appearance throughout the program

Guidance & support – As part of this program, you will have access to closed, private Facebook group (Crusader Strength: Crusaders) where you will become part of a community alongside people on the same strength-gaining mission. All Crusader Strength Programs will allow for access within this group and it’s the perfect place to share ideas, ask questions, chat to others and help each other out.

TO BUY: Buying the program is simple. Add to cart and checkout as normal. You will then be directed to an instant download where you will be able to download and keep your new training program. You will also receive an email detailing our Facebook group and how to join our support network.